Tips For Contact Employer Directly

While networking is the job search approach with the highest rate of success, the method that ranks second to networking is direct employer contact.  When you consider that 80% of the job market is not advertised, this approach will assist you in uncovering those available positions.

The process consists of five steps:

First, compile a list of the companies that you would consider working for;

Next, conduct research into each of those companies to find out which are growing, experiencing changes, merging, or gaining new contracts;

Then, uncover the name of the person that has the authority to hire you.  This information can be revealed as part of company research, or by calling the company to request that person’s name, along with the correct spelling.

Next, write a cover letter and forward it directly to that person in charge of hiring.  Your cover letter should state what you have learned about the company, and how you can be of value to their company.  Include your resume and indicate that you will follow-up;

Then, place a follow-up call to that person within 5 days after they receive your letter.  Refer to your letter and resume, and ask for an interview.

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