Discussing Unemployment During an Interview

Getting a great job is challenging enough when you’re gainfully employed, but it can be even more difficult if you’re currently out of work.  However, if you have been contacted for an interview, it’s clear that the hiring manager sees your potential.

Learn how to shine in your interview by being prepared to discuss why you’re unemployed, what you’ve done during your time away from the workforce, and display confidence in your abilities.

Don’t speak negatively about former employers.  If you speak poorly about a former employer, the hiring manager will assume that if you’re hired, you may someday speak negatively about them.  This could jeopardize your being offered the position.

It’s easy to explain your unemployment if you quit your job to go back to school, care for a loved one, or if you were laid off, but don’t panic if you were fired.  If you’ve been using your unemployment time to continue growing your skills and qualifications, make sure you emphasize this to the interviewer.  Explain any relevant part-time jobs, volunteer roles or continuing education courses you’ve completed.  The interviewer will be impressed that you’ve used your free time to become a more competitive applicant.

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