Dos and Don’ts of Salary Negotiations – How to Get a Better Offer or Raise

Heed these dos and don’ts to help make sure you get paid what you deserve, whether you are entertaining a job offer or asking for a raise.

  • Don’t Look at How Much Money Your Friends are Making:  If they aren’t working in the same field as you, it’s impossible to make comparisons.  Some occupations pay better than others do.  Even if they work in the same career, they may have more experience, different job duties, or less desirable hours.
  • Do Research Salaries in Your Field:  Because salaries vary so much by occupation, you will have to find out what the average earnings are for yours before you start negotiating.  Look at recent salary surveys, or talk to people working in your field.  Remember that salaries also differ by geographic region, cities and towns.
  • Do Consider How Much Experience You Have:  Are you just starting out or have you been working in your field for a while?  Those with more experience typically make more money.  When you are negotiating your salary, remember to highlight your track record if it is lengthy.  It will help you negotiate a higher salary.  If you don’t have a lot of experience, be realistic about the salary for which you can ask.

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