Email Job Search Etiquette

Many pre-interview job search activities are done via email or cell phone, and proper etiquette can mean the difference between getting hired and never being invited for an interview.

If you don’t have a professional email address, get one before you begin your job search.  Use your name, and an email service provider that is familiar and reliable.  You may even want to set up a free email account just for job searching purposes, that way you won’t miss or mix up important messages.

It’s best to send a job application email to a specific contact person at the company.  You’ll often be able to find those email addresses on the company website or through social media.  Be sure to send a copy to yourself for your records.

The email subject line should be brief and concise and include the position you’re applying for.  Never leave the subject line blank.

When applying for a job, your email message is considered a cover letter, unless the job description specifically requests a cover letter.  Make sure your message is well written, free of spelling and grammar mistakes, and contains full sentences and paragraphs.

If you have a contact name, address the email to Dear Mr./Ms. Last name, whichever is appropriate.  If you weren’t able to find an individual contact, address it to Dear Hiring Manager, or skip the greeting.

You should also include an email signature with your contact information.

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