Ending the Interview

At the end of the interview, you’ll want to make certain that you will be remembered.

  1. State your interest in the position, and summarize how you would be a “good match” for this position.  Do this by summarizing your top three skills, based on the skills the interviewer seems to place in high value.
  2. Be certain that you ask what the next steps are in the interview process.  Find out what stage they are currently in, and when you could expect some kind of response.
  3. Ask whether it’s okay to contact them for a status update if you haven’t heard by a certain date they indicate they will take the next step in the process, and ask how they prefer to be contacted.
  4. Don’t ask about salary/wage or benefits in a first interview unless the interviewer initiates the topic.
  5. Ask for a business card from each interviewer, or write down their names and verify spelling (this simplifies follow-up, thank you notes, etc.).
  6. Be certain that you use a firm handshake, a confident smile, and maintain eye contact when the interview is completed.

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