Evaluating Your Cover Letter

Let’s talk about what you should do before sending your cover letter to a prospective employer.  Remember a cover letter indicates your interest in a job to an employer. It introduces your resume, and it allows you the opportunity to ask for an interview.

Even though you have completed writing the cover letter, you are not completely finished.  Before a cover letter is sent to an employer, it should be reviewed carefully.  Keep in mind that the employer probably has never seen you nor heard of you.  The employer’s first impression of you will be derived from your cover letter.  Always proofread a letter before you send it.  It’s also a good idea to have other individuals proofread your cover letter, and critique it for spelling errors and content.

Is your cover letter clear, sincere and orderly?  Is it brief, interesting and courteous?  Is it convincing?  Did you convince the employer to consider you for an interview?

Remember to sign your cover before mailing it to an employer.  If you are forwarding it to an employer by email, either include your cover letter as an attachment, or type your name at conclusion of the email which will serve as an electronic signature.  Also, be sure to include a copy of your resume.

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