First Impressions

You only have one chance to make a good first impression!  A person will size you up in a matter of 15 seconds as you walk into the room.  What you wear says a whole lot about who you are, or at least who you are presenting yourself to be.  That’s why what you wear to a job interview is important.

Appearance can make the difference in getting or not getting a job.  Correct appearance can be your competitive advantage over someone else.  With first impressions, there is no erase button so make certain that the first impression is a positive one. 

Do you know how a person evaluates you?

55% body language and appearance

38% verbal tone

7% verbal content

Be positive with positive body language.  You want the interviewer to know that you are open, receptive to conversation, and a willing learner.  Positive body language will give the interviewer these positive queues.

Facial Expression: Pleasant smile

Hands: Still, relaxed, keep above or on the table or desk

Eyes: Steady, observant frequent eye contact

Head: Still, straight

Posture: Straight but relaxed spine

Arms: Avoid crossing arms, this gives a closed out feeling

Handshake: Firm, confident, yet friendly

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