GST Helps High School Grad Achieve Career Goal

Austin is an exceptionally focused young man!  He came in a month after high school graduation, knew exactly what he wanted to accomplish, and how he could achieve his goals. He had begun his welding experience at the Huron Area Tech Center, earning his OSHA Certification in the Power Technology program. His first job was working at American Technical Fabricators in Bad Axe after graduation. He was accepted into the Welding program at Baker College in Owosso. During his time at Baker College, his mother and grandmother both were in and out of hospitals due to serious medical problems. Austin kept in touch and came home to be with them as often as possible, while all along keeping ahead of his school assignments and requirements. He voluntarily assisted other students with the welding assignments. He kept in contact with GST staff at least every two weeks, and his self-confidence never faltered. Austin reported his progress and never once expressed any fear that he wouldn’t successfully complete the course and find a good paying job.

Provided OJT Certificates for Austin to take with him to job applications/interviews. He met with GPS instructor who assisted with updating his resume and providing copies and a thumb drive containing the resume for future changes/updates. Austin met with Kyle Pine who is in our Business Services staff.  Kyle discussed OJT program, and given several area business connections to check out.

Austin applied at Tower Industries in Elkton, had an interview and was hired.  Kyle wrote up the OJT contract with Tower.  Unfortunately, this job was not what Austin was looking for, and he quit during the probationary period, having worked 3 weeks.

Austin continued applying to area business, had an interview and hired at Legendary Fabrication & Welding in Bad Axe, MI. This employer, co-workers, and work assignments appear to be a perfect fit. Austin states that there is room for him to advance, utilize his welding skills, and continue learning additional career skills.