GST Helps Homeless Man Land Career Job

Tim Hitsman came to GST Michigan Works! Career Services in August 2017 seeking job search assistance. He was homeless, unemployed and had no formal skill training or career plan. Additionally, Tim has a physical disability that could pose challenges in finding and sustaining employment.

Despite his circumstances, Tim was determined to become gainfully employed so he could become self-sufficient and provide for his children. After assisting Tim with developing a career plan and updating his resume, his Career Coach, Kim Streeter, immediately referred Tim to Senior Business Services Professional Lisa Hairston to assist him in finding an OJT opportunity.

Although Tim had some job experience as a machine operator, he needed formal skill training to upgrade his skill level and increase his employment marketability. Lisa forwarded his resume to Rassini Brakes, (a subsidiary of Mexico-based SANLUIS Rassini) located in Flint, Michigan. Rassini is an automotive parts machining plant that opened in 2014, hiring over 200 employees.  Tim was perfect for On-The-Job Training and was interviewed then hired right away!

“Tim will have a long career at Rassini Brakes. He outworks his fellow team members despite his disability. He is an exceptional employee and I wish I could hire 10 people exactly like him.”

-Amanda Walter, Human Resource Manager