GST Helps Woman Get Back To Work

Cheryl Barrera was laid off from her position as a leasing agent for an apartment complex in the area. Her layoff occurred in the fall of 2017 and she began coming into the GST Michigan Works! Fenton Service Center shortly after that to begin her job search. Cheryl was extremely diligent in her search, generally coming into the center three to four times per week. The staff assisted in the revision of her resume, career counseling and job leads. She interviewed for various positions, but a good match was not forthcoming. 

In June of 2018, GST Michigan Works! Fenton held a career fair for MISS DIG 811 to staff its new satellite office opening in Flint. The Fenton staff reached out to Barrera. Her background as a leasing agent and in real estate seemed to be a good fit along with her excellent customer’s service skills and strong knowledge of the geographic area. Cheryl was interested in this opportunity and attended the event. After an interview, testing and other hiring steps, Barrera was offered a position as a notification service representative for MISS DIG 811.

A six-week training program was held for the new staff in the MISS DIG 811 corporate location in Auburn Hills and Cheryl began working at the Flint location in September. She recently stopped in to provide an update and indicate that it is a good fit for her. Cheryl appreciates the wonderful group that she works with and the opportunity to be part of this new MISS DIG 811 location.