JMG Participant Receives Job Immediately After Program

After being in self-contained classrooms since elementary school- and being enrolled in JAG as his first non-inclusive class, Tyce Echols was chosen to be part of a Mott Workforce Development JMG Work Experience program in collaboration with TJ Maxx, where he has been employed at since January 23, 2019. 

Mr. Echols faced transportation barriers, lack of marketable skills, no work experience, and he comes from an economically disadvantaged family as well as low academic tests scores and self-contained classrooms for years. 

Mr. Echols is being offered a job with TJ Maxx, making him an official employee of TJ Maxx.  Tyce has his own income, making him less dependent on his very supportive mother, Alma, for financial support.  Tyce receives bus passes to alleviate his transportation obstacle. Mr. Echols now has marketable skills and job experience to help him find other opportunities when the time comes.

Tyce is filling out the paperwork awaiting and didn’t even have to “formally” interview with TJ Maxx.  His store manager spoke very highly of his performance and maturation during his work experience. He is on track to certainly graduate high school at Southwestern Academy this June of 2019.  He plans on entering the skilled trades field upon graduation.

Mr. Echols TJ Maxx store manager stated, “Tyce does his work so fast he always offers to help other employees at closing time and we’re glad we have him working for us!”