Building Talent For Healthcare Through Partnerships

Passion Tyler-Williams is a participant from the Greater Flint Health Coalition’s Flint Healthcare Employment Opportunities (FHEO) Program, a GST Michigan Works! Service Provider. Ms. Tyler-Williams had previously worked in cosmetology and gained interest in healthcare because she enjoys working with others. After attending an Information Session, Ms. Tyler-Williams decided that she would pursue the Certified Nurse Assistant training with the FHEO Program. 

Before entering healthcare training, Ms. Tyler-Williams completed Professional Life Skills and Healthcare Career Exploration Training. During this time, Ms. Tyler-Williams gained many valuable skills to make her successful in the workplace. This newly developed skill set earned Ms. Tyler-Williams a subsidized employment opportunity at McLaren Flint as a Patient Transporter while she was completing the Certified Nurse Assistant training. 

Ms. Tyler-Williams graduated from Charter Healthcare Training Center in August 2018 and successfully passed her certification exam. By utilizing the knowledge gained at Professional Life Skills and Healthcare Career Exploration Training, Ms. Tyler-Williams was able to transition from subsidized employment to un-subsidized employment as a Certified Nurse Assistant at McLaren Flint. Congratulations to Ms. Tyler-Williams for successfully completing her credential training and obtaining a job in the healthcare field!