Employer Sponsored Career Development Success!

Flint – Denise Miller is a participant from the Greater Flint Health Coalition’s Flint Healthcare Employment Opportunities (FHEO) Program, a GST Michigan Works! Service Provider. Ms. Miller learned of the FHEO Program after attending an Information Session at Hurley Medical Center. After working at the hospital as an Environmental Services Aide, Ms. Miller became interested in becoming a Certified Nurse Assistant where she would be able to directly care for patients. Additionally, Ms. Miller sought to obtain a credential as a Certified Nurse Assistant to earn a full-time position and sustainable wages.

Ms. Miller enrolled in the Employer Sponsor Pathway with the FHEO Program which enabled her to continue employment at Hurley Medical Center while simultaneously attending credential healthcare training at Charter Healthcare Training Center. Hurley Medical Center also worked with Ms. Miller to adjust her work schedule so that it would not conflict with her classroom schedule. Ms. Miller successfully completed her training in July of 2018. 

Upon completion of her training, Ms. Miller passed her certification test and applied for a Certified Nurse Assistant position at Hurley Medical Center. In September 2018, Ms. Miller was promoted from an Environmental Services Aide to a Certified Nurse Assistant where she is enjoying providing exceptional care to the patients at Hurley Medical Center. Ms. Miller hopes to pursue phlebotomy training after gaining more experience in the medical field. Congratulations to Ms. Miller as she moves forward with her career in healthcare!