Apprenticeship Signing Day

The Genesee Career Institute was filled with laughter, cheer, inspiration and pride at the Apprenticeship Signing Day, May 09, 2019. It was a proud day indeed, as family, friends and community leaders looked on while the Seniors were celebrated and acknowledged.

Two seniors were signed on the spot into their apprenticeship programs. They are graduates of North America’s Building Trades Unions Apprentice Readiness Multi-Craft Core Curriculum (MC3).  There were 64 graduates and 61% of them are MC3 certified. That number is still growing!  Jayden Thurlow, (third place winner in the 2019 Skills USA MI Masonry Competition) and Brenden Shooltz entered into a registered apprenticeship with the Bricklayers & Allied Craftworkers Local 2 MI. Chuck Kukawka, President of that Union was present and eager to see more graduates sign on. He thought the ceremony was fantastic! The apprenticeship is a paid “on-the-job training” and the high school graduates will see salaries on average of $60,000 annually right out of high school.



Howard Hipes, Lansing Apprentice & Training Coordinator for the Bricklayers & Allied Craftworkers Local 2 Michigan, was the MC of the ceremony and he made the opening remarks. Russell Davis, State Director, USDOL Office of Apprenticeship, presented at the ceremony as the main speaker.

Genesee County students are eligible for the program as early as the 11th grade. The eligibility includes charter schools located in Genesee County.  The student would simply speak with their high school counselor and request to be enrolled in a construction trade program with the MC3 certification as a part of the curriculum. That certification really puts the graduates in front of the line as it relates to being signed.

Registered Apprenticeships combine classroom studies with extensive on-the-job training under the supervision of a journey level craftsperson or trade professional. From the start of business involvement, apprentices receive on-the-job training from an experienced mentor for no less than one year. This includes combined learning with technical education at training schools. Apprentices receive an increase in wages as they gain higher level skills. Registered Apprenticeship programs result in nationally recognized credentials which are a 100% guarantee to Employers that they are fully qualified for the job. 

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