Healthcare Career Success Through Partnerships!

Keira Neyland is a Youth participant from the Greater Flint Health Coalition’s Flint Healthcare Employment Opportunities (FHEO) Program, a GST Michigan Works! Service Provider. Ms. Neyland had previously worked in retail and was interested in changing career paths. She was referred to the FHEO Program after working with a GST Michigan Works! representative and attended an Information Session to learn more about the Program.

After completing an academic and healthcare assessment and receiving positive input during her panel interview, Ms. Neyland was accepted into the FHEO Program. She then entered into Professional Life Skills and Healthcare Career Exploration training where she learned many valuable skills that prepared her to enter the workforce. Ms. Neyland also shared that she was able to build a network of support with her classmates that carried her through credential healthcare training and into employment. Ms. Newland also explored her career options in the healthcare field and discovered that her passion was to pursue Pharmacy Technician credential.

Ms. Neyland worked diligently at Charter Healthcare training Center and passed her certification test just two weeks after completing training/ This certification enabled Ms. Neyland to secure employment at Ascension Genesys Hospital where she works as a Patient Medical Liaison. Ms. Neyland shares that she loves her job and enjoys working with patients on a daily basis. In the future, Ms. Neyland has expressed interest in becoming a Pharmacist.

Congratulations to Ms. Neyland as she pursues her healthcare career!