GST MI Works! Career Services Orientation Helps Land Woman Job In Healthcare

Shiawassee County – Samantha Richmond first visited GST Michigan Works! in Owosso to attend a Career Services orientation in August of 2017.  Her intention was to seek out assistance for tuition costs.  Already on track to pursue a Nurse Aide Certification through Career Quest, Samantha was hopeful that GST Michigan Works! could help her accomplish her career goal. 

Samantha’s GST Michigan Works! Career Coach guided her through a process of assignments and assessments to support her enrollment to assist with tuition and other supportive service expenses such as mileage reimbursement. 

Samantha successfully completed training in July 2018. Very shortly after she passed her Prometric licensing exam and received her Nurse Aide license in August 2018. After less than a week of job searching Samantha was hired by Pleasant View Nursing Home.  As a Nurse Aide, her wage was $3.81 more per hour than the position she previously held in manufacturing.  Samantha is still successfully employed at Pleasant View Nursing Home today! 

“I am happy for the assistance I got from Michigan Works! to help me move forward with starting a career to better myself and my family.”  – Samantha Richmond