Young Professional Starts A New Career In Agriculture

Sanilac County – Riley Good is an 18-year-old who graduated from Sandusky High School in 2017 and was working part-time on a dairy farm milking cows.  He attended MSU in the Electrical Technology Certificate Program.  After learning he was not able to get any Federal Financial Aid or Pell Grants, Riley came to GST Michigan Works! to see if he would be eligible for any type of funding assistance.  Considering he was only working part-time, and that he did not have a degree beyond his High School Diploma, GSTMW was able to assist!  Riley began his program in the Fall of 2017 and graduated in December of 2018.  He secured employment with Techmark in Lansing, which is an international agricultural engineering company specializing in storage and production systems. He was involved in the FFA Program so this is a perfect match with his agricultural background.  Riley is currently working full time with Techmark.