Talent Tour With Diplomat Specialty Pharmacy

Experiencing A Day In Pharmacy- On March 29th, 2019 the Flint Healthcare Employment Opportunities (FHEO) Program visited Diplomat Specialty Pharmacy with 13 Youth participants to learn about in-demand career opportunities within the company. Participants toured the facility and experienced the daily operations of the company. Students were led to a call center where staff members spoke with customers to identify medication needs, resolve insurance issues or assist with developing payment plans. In addition, participants were able to view the shipping department where many medications are preserved to be shipped globally to patients.

Speakers from a variety of departments within Diplomat Speciality Pharmacy presented information on their daily job duties. Youth participants had the opportunity to learn about Corporate Education, Human Resources, Sales and Marketing, Compliance and Quality and Technology departments. Each guest speaker shared their training track to reach their current position and allowed participants to ask many questions about their job. Youth participants Arika McClain shared that she found the Talent Tour to be very informational and especially enjoyed learning about the nursing occupations available in pharmaceutical operations.

Thank you to Diplomat Specialty Pharmacy for hosting the Flint Healthcare Employment Opportunities Program!