PATH Program Success!

Matt McNamara has been a returning participant of the Shiawassee Michigan Works! One-stop since 2001. He was registered in the WIA Adult programs in 2001, 2003, 2008, and 2009. He utilized Employment Services in 2008, 2009, 2016, 2017, and 2018. When Matt first came to the Shiawassee Service Center in 2001, he was job searching and spent some time studying to prepare for getting his GED but did not get far enough to complete it before moving on.  Numerous times he came back to get Career guidance and was encouraged to push through to improve on his Career Path and life choices, but either the next job or life circumstances would pull him away.  Yet, even with struggling through difficulties and consequences at times, Matt still knew that there was a better life available to him. 

In 2018, he was referred to the PATH program for AEP, but closed through DHHS before entering PATH. Once again on 1/14/2019, he was referred to the PATH program as an AEP participant and was able to successfully complete it and enter into PATH activities on 2/4/2019.  This time seemed different for Matt.  He worked intensely with his Career Coach through PATH and WIOA Career Services to establish stronger goals, face his barriers one at a time and push through to get passed them.  He soon learned about a new apprenticeship readiness program that was going to start.  This opportunity appeared to be the spark that Matt needed to work closely with his Career Coach to accomplish his goals.  

The first goal that he had was to finally complete his GED, which was accomplished in February, 2019 with assistance from Baker Pathways then completing his final test through staff assistance, including support services. Matt was dual-enrolled with the WIOA Adult Program in March to work on his next big goal (not just finding a job, but a getting established in a career).  He was accepted into the apprenticeship readiness program and started on 03/11/2019.  

Matt stayed motivated during the program and completed it on 4/26/2019 and was immediately offered a career opportunity.  He started working full-time with Schiffer Mason Contractors, Inc. on 4/29/19 at $17.98 per hour as a Mason Tender Apprentice and is currently still employed through this employer at his first quarter after exit from WIOA.  Matt stated that he is appreciative how the staff at Michigan Works! has always been there for him over the years and has never given up on him.