Career Coaching & Training Helps Man Go Back To Work

 Losing his job was not an option he wanted to consider.  But it was happening, again.  Fifty-nine-year-old Risto Nicevski was being “let go”, from his job, next week. But this time he had an opportunity to prepare.  So, he did.

Risto committed himself to exploring the resources available with GST Michigan Works!  He said, “I thought you just did unemployment here, and searched for jobs on those computers.” He was soon introduced to an individualized career-coaching process, and eventually, training.  

He took advantage of the opportunity to work with a career coach to explore the trucking industry and learn everything, from the type of occupations that require the endorsement, to the demands of the various positions. It’s a growing industry with a high demand for employment. Mr. Nicevski explained, “The CDL-A endorsement will give me a lot of opportunities that I didn’t have before.”  

Risto is no longer unemployed.  He completed his CDL-A training and immediately connected with Werner Enterprises Trucking Co. He began as a trainee and recently advanced to “under the wheel” full-time with the company.  Now, he’s the one in the driver’s seat, and he has a little more control navigating his own road-to-success.