WIOA Out of School Youth Program Success

TayShawn Johnson is enrolled as a participant with the GST Michigan Works! WIOA Out of School Youth Program. He entered the program as a recent high school graduate, but with limited employability skills. TayShawn had worked numerous “dead end” jobs and he realized he wanted more for his life. He developed a career plan with the assistance of his Career Coach, Kim Streeter and decided that the construction industry would be the appropriate career path for him. 

After participating in individualized career coaching sessions to improve his job readiness skills, TayShawn was recommended to participate in a work experience activity with Habitat for Humanity to gain the skills needed for an entry-level position in the construction industry. TayShawn performed so well at Habitat for Humanity, he was immediately referred to BSR Jona Kean as a top candidate for a Polish Technician position at Stone Specialists, Inc.  TayShawn was immediately hired and his new employer frequently knowledges his exceptional job performance. TayShawn loves his new job and expresses his appreciation to his Career Coach and the Career Services staff for affording him the support to achieve his career goals.