PATH Program helps Woman Achieve Robotics Career

Quetika Eason came to GST Michigan Works! with a goal of achieving self-sufficiency. Quetika knew from past life experiences she must increase her skill set and the best way to accomplish this was to engage in a training program. Time was of the essence, so she had no interest in a two year or four-year college program due to being incarceration and away from her family for a long period of time.  With research, determination and career guidance Quetika discovered that a person with a background could be accepted into a trade or certification program and earn family-sustaining income.  

Equipped with this information from the research she had accomplished with the help of her career coach, Quetika started the process of resolving barriers that would stand in the way of attending a training program. GST Michigan Works! PATH program assisted her with removing a transportation barrier.  The program provided her with bus passes until she received auto insurance, auto repairs, automobile tags and registration for her vehicle that had been parked for several months.  The transportation barrier removal sparked excitement for Quetika. With career guidance and positive feedback Quetika was encouraged to go to school for a certification. With joint communication and partnering with Automation Movers International (AMI), and Mott Community College, the PATH program secured funding for Quetika to attend a training program.  Quetika attended the Multi-Skilled Robotics program and successfully completed the training.  

This training increased her marketability, which due to her past background, was critical to accomplishing her goal of self-sufficiency. Shortly after completing her training, she began communicating her interest with employers and explaining her past as a vessel for an opportunity for a successful future. In mock interviewing sessions she participated in at GST Michigan Works! office, Quetika became skilled at explaining her past background issues in a way that was positive. With Quetika’s acquired skills and outstanding abilities to communicate her life experiences, she was offered a position with Great Lakes Robotics as an Automation Engineer/Lab assistant with a salary of $15 per hour with the earning potential of $24 dollars per hour. Quetika now feels the sky is the limit, and by achieving self-sufficiency her family is in a much better place to be successful.