JMG Graduate Success!

Nolan, a shy and introverted student, did not know anyone in the program at first. He had several barriers at home which impeded him from pursuing a part-time job. What Nolan lacked in the areas of transportation, family support and peer acceptance JMG was able to supplement through funding, time and the building of interpersonal relationships.

Nolan became a Flint Southwestern JMG graduate of 2018 after working for two years supervising the Youth-Quest program for elementary students. Here he gained invaluable networking experience which will aid him in the future. Nolan earned a summer job with the Ruth Mott Foundation and Home Depot Schools. Nolan went on to be awarded an academic scholarship to Central Michigan University for the Fall of 2018 where he is now pursuing a Community Social Service Studies degree.

As a Freshman at CMU, he earned the Freshman of the Year 2019 award! Nolan is actively engaged in volunteer, community service programs for local children and has a passion for helping the children of the community so that they have a brighter future!

Currently, Nolan has a paid internship with the Ruth Mott Foundation which accounts for a second paycheck this summer as he prepares for his Sophomore year at CMU.

“It’s nice to highlight a Senior follow-up from the in-school program. Nolan is an extraordinary person that is serious about helping the children from our home city. Landing the internship with the Mott Foundation illustrates how Nolan is ahead of the rest.” -Scott Stebbins JMG Specialist