Scholarship Helps Woman Achieve Career Goals

“Stacy is an example to others that attending training while also working to provide for your family is possible! Her perseverance and positive attitude will inspire others to obtain their goals!”

Huron County – Stacy Hiller first came to the Bad Axe GST Michigan Works! Service Center back in 2002 to receive a scholarship to become a CNA. She quickly achieved that goal and obtained full-time employment. This training helped her family achieve some self-sufficiency, but Stacy wasn’t content; she wanted to keep moving forward in the Healthcare field.

By December of 2003, Stacy had achieved another goal of becoming a Licensed Practical Nurse! She completed this training on her own and continued
to work in the Healthcare field as an LPN. Stacy looked at this new achievement as a stepping-stone to her goal to ultimately become a Registered Nurse.

She came back GST Michigan Works! in July of 2018 to see if there was any funding available to help her reach her final goal. Luckily for us and Stacy, we were able to assist her one last time. Stacy was set to complete her last year of training as a full time RN student and could not work while in training. She had completed the previous semesters of training on a part-time basis because she had to continue to work. Now, she had 1 year to go and was bound and determined to push through and finally complete her certification as a full-time RN student!

Stacy worked very hard over the next year. She felt a little worried about going back toschool as an “Experienced Student” but knew this is what she has worked for her whole life. She achieved her final goal of passing the NCLEX and becoming an RN in July of 2019 (days before one of her children got married). Stacy is now working as an RN/Hospice Nurse Case Manager for A & D Home Health Care; she was promoted from her previous position as an LPN. She loves her job and finds it very rewarding to not only help her patients, but also work with the patient’s families regarding their needs and comfort.