GST MI Works! Partners With Domico Med-Device For Going Pro Talent Fund


Genesee County – In 2019, Domico Med-Device divested from a large international medical device manufacturer to become an independent entity with less than 100 employees. Going from a company of over 2000 to our current size made a big impact on how we did business and the funds to do so. With Domico being new, we needed to spend more of our cash on hand for things directly related to business operations, which left our training fund short. Going Pro Talent Fund allowed us to continue the personal and professional growth of many of our employees. We were able to train 22 employees with the Going Pro funds, which is nearly 25% of our workforce.

The Supervisory training was well-received by all that attended, and it gave us the confidence to promote our Team Leaders into an official Supervisor capacity, where we see them applying the things they learned from the training. This training also gave us the opportunity to send employees with high potential, but not yet in a leadership role, so that they can be prepared and start practicing the skills needed in order to ensure their success when a promotion opportunity becomes available. The multiple trainings in analysis and problem solving that a cross-functional group of individuals were able to participate in have been used on a daily basis and some have been implemented into our processes and procedures.

Domico Med-Device is extremely appreciative to have the opportunity through the access to the Going Pro Training Funds to provide training to our employees that otherwise would not have been available. Many of the employees who participated had not in the past gone to employer-funded training and expressed their gratitude that the company is willing to invest in them. This has been wonderful to boost morale and engagement within the organization. The trainings will ultimately help us run a better and more efficient business, in order to help us grow in the Genesee community.

– Erin Hoffman | Human Resources Manager