Tool Training Partnership Success

The Greenlee Tool training that was held at Halligan Electric on July 42, 2019 was part of our company’s “Big Picture” plans. We had recently purchased two large pieces of equipment from Greenlee that are primarily used for large-scale commercial and industrial applications. They represented a large dollar investment into our company’s equipment pool. We knew if we were to compete for these large-scale projects, we would need the assets to perform at a high level. To go along with that investment, we would need to have our core group of employees trained and proficient on this equipment. Our objective was to build a foundation for the growth of not only our company, but our employees as well, into this sector of our trade. With these added attributes, our employees are recognized in their field as highly skilled with versatile experience to accommodate any challenges that come along with the large-scale commercial and industrial work.

Installing conduit is a staple of the electrical construction industry. The ability to properly measure, cut, and bend the proper angle of the conduit is critical to being efficient and productive, While most in the field are well experienced with the smaller versions of the conduit, the Greenlee 881CT Hydraulic Bender meets the specific needs of the larger size conduit applications required for the commercial and industrial work that our company is expanding into.

Primary cable is another major component of this type of electrical construction. To meet the required demands of the National Electric Code for industrial applications, this wire/cable is very thick and typically the runs are very long, which translate into a material that is very heavy and difficult to handles as well as install. The Greenlee 6810 Cable feeder was purchased to not only make these installations more efficient, but much safer to the electricians performing the install.

The training our guys received on these two pieces of equipment have propelled our company to the forefront of the electrical contractors in our area. We have been able to meet challenging deadlines of our customer’s schedules, while making our employees and our company’s reputations as leaders in Safety and efficiency. Without proper training from the Greenlee expert, we would have struggled with these operations and likely gotten someone injured. This training cemented our employee’s future in large conduit and large wire/cable installation area of electrical construction. We knew if we were to compete for these large scale projects, we would need the assets to perform at a high level.