Diplomat Specialty Pharmacy Talent Tour

The Flint Healthcare Employment Opportunities (FHEO) Program visited Diplomat Specialty Pharmacy on August 27, 2019 with twelve Out-of-School youth participants to learn about in-demand career opportunities within the company. Participants were led to a call center wear staff members spoke with customers to identify medication needs, resolve insurance issues or assist with developing payment plans. Participants were able to view the shipping department where many medications are preserved to be shipped globally to patients.

Participants viewed a short video that demonstrated how Diplomat Speciality Pharmacy assists clients worldwide with vital, life enhancing medications shipped directly to their homes. FHEO Program participants were impressed with Diplomat Specialty Pharmacy’s dedication to their clients and delivery of exceptional customer service. Throughout the day, FHEO participants were also able to learn about the variety of employment posisitions available to them beyond Pharmacy Technician The FHEO Program participants gained valuable information about the speciality pharmacy industry, the many components that keeps an organization running, and the people that enable the organization to effectively serve their customers.