Purposeful Partnerships = Positive Results


Ryann Richardson visited Career Services in April 2019 in pursuit of occupational training in welding.  She had several barriers to employment to overcome and her career coach, Kim Streeter, had determined that Ryann would need additional services through our community partner network before moving forward to training.

The development of an Individual Services Strategy/Career Plan,  career assessments, case management and career coaching/counseling services, including her participation in a job shadowing activity at a local employer, was provided to Ryann through a collaborative effort between Kim Streeter, Career Coach, and Winston Travis, MRS Counselor. These services and
activities were necessary to ensure that welding was an appropriate career track for Ryann.

Ryann was eventually referred to AMI-TECH for MIG Welding training and she received her certificate of completion on August 16, 2019. Regarding Ryann’s performance while in training, AMI-TECH Director, Lo White opined, “Ryann was a pleasure to have in training. She was a team player and always eager to learn something new.”

On September 4th, Ryann started a full-time position as an Entry Level Welder at Morrison Industries at an excellent wage.  Her career coach provided additional supportive services for her first month of employment to ensure retention.  Ryann is very grateful for the services she received from both GSTMW! and MRS. She is happy to report that she loves her job!