GED + CNA = Success

“I definitely want GST Michigan Works! to know if it wasn’t for [their] help, I wouldn’t be able to further my career in the medical field. I can’t thank you all enough!” – Brittany Kozlowski

Bad Axe – Brittany Kozlowski first came to GSTMW in June of 2018 hoping to get help obtaining her GED.  She was very determined and started tutoring sessions with Family Literacy Center on Tuesdays at GST Michigan Works!  She worked hard, completing homework and testing to improve her scores so she could confidently take the GED test.  After Family Literacy felt she was ready, they assisted her in paying for and scheduling the test.  Brittany took the it and passed it on September 25, 2018.

After receiving her GED, Brittany went to work in a local factory.  She needed to support her family but knew that her heart was in another place.  After having her second child, she set her sights on becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant.  She contacted us again, came in and was eligible for sponsorship in training as a Parenting Youth.

Her plan was to attend CNA training at Dorsey Emergency Medical Academy in Bay City.  DEMA offers a two-week CNA course that was perfect for Brittany’s schedule.  She completed the class in June 2019 and took her final test to become a CNA in August, passing the very first time!

With her confidence brimming, Brittany started working at Harbor Beach Hospital as a CNA immediately after she became certified.  She is currently still employed there and says she loves the job she gets to do everyday!  She is so happy she decided to complete her GED and enter the medical field.