Success Stories

Adam Castillo

AdamCastilloMr. Adam Castillo enrolled in the NWLB Program in March of 2009 after being laid off from General Motors Lake Orion. In September 2009 Adam enrolled in the Criminal Justice Program at Mott Community College. He received an Associate Degree in Applied Science in Criminal Justice, with honors, in December 2010. He also received Associate Degrees in Arts and General Studies, with honors, in April 2011.

Mr. Castillo wrote the following:

“I attended a GM Career Fair at Mott Community College in early March. I was contacted for an interview on March 23rd and interviewed on March 25th. On April 7, 2011, I was offered a Supervisory position with a starting salary of $60,000 a year and full benefits for my family.

I want to thank Genesee Shiawassee Michigan Works! for their support and assistance throughout the past two years. I would not have been able to attend school without the NWLB program, and I would not have the education required to be offered the GM job.”

Constantia Williams

ConnieWilliamsMs. Constantia (Connie) Williams, of Flint, Michigan continues to do well with her job at Action Management Corporation’s (AMC) Jobs, Education and Training (JET) program. Her role is that of Career Coach and she has been on the job for almost two years.

Ms. Williams successfully maintains a full caseload of clients and is known by her peers for her willingness to go above and beyond the standard duties of a case manager. She has a passion for caring that is contagious to those around her. Connie’s goal as a Career Coach is to have an impact on all of her JET clients and she will do what it takes to make that a reality. She feels a very real kinship with her clients as she has walked in their shoes in the past. Connie is known to stay in the office after closing in order to accommodate a client’s work schedule.

Ms. Williams thanks Michigan Works! for the support she received which enabled her to obtain and maintain her position at Action Management.

Ms. Williams also takes time to give to the Flint community. She has led a youth group for her church and helped spearhead a food give-away that was very successful. Action Management’s JET supervisor says that he is happy to have Connie as an integral part of his team.