10 Possible Reasons You Were Not Selected for an Interview

If you were unable to land an interview, here are some factors to explore:

1. Were you qualified for the job?  How closely does your background match the  qualifications for the job?

2. Was your application complete?   Did you provide all the information required on the job application? 

3. Did you make a mistake on your application?  Were dates of employment correct?  Did you leave off any information that should have been included?  Some employers verify your information before they call you for an interview.

4. Did you target your resume?  Does your resume showcase skills and accomplishments related to your target job?

5. Is your resume organized and contain Key Words?

6. Is your cover letter targeted?  Does it make clear you possess the desired skills?

7. Is your cover letter long enough?  In most cases it should be 3-5 paragraphs, with none of the paragraphs longer than 8 sentences.

8. Are all your documents error free and well written?  Have others proofread your resume and cover letter?

9. Did you mobilize your Network?  Any contacts within your target employer who can put in a good word for you?

10. What did your references say? 

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