Forms & Policies


GST Michigan Works! Local Plan (Revised and updated 4/25/17)

Prosperity Region 6 – Workforce Innovation and Opportunities Act (WIOA)
Regional Plan July 1, 2016 – June 30, 2020

PI 15-01 Confidentiality of Information

PI 15-02 c1 Conflict of Interest

PI 15-03 c2 Priority of Service

PI 15-04 c1 Self Sufficiency Policy

PI 15-05 Internal Controls

PI 15-07 Selective Service Requirements

PI 15-08 c1 TAA Satisfactory Progress Benchmarking

PI 15-09 c1 TAA Training Waivers

PI 15-10 c1 TAA Redeterminations and Appeals

PI 15-11 PATH FAE&T Support Services Policy

PI 15-12 WIOA Support Services Policy

PI 15-13 c7 On The Job Training

PI 15-14 c1 Grievance & Complaint Policy
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PI 15-15 DW-Unlikely to Return/Attachment to Workplace

PI 15-16 c1 Layoff Aversion Policy for Incumbent Worker Training (IWT) 

PI 15-17 c3 Rapid Response Policy

PI 15-18 Individual Training Account (ITA)

PI 15-19 Requires Additional Assistance

GST Equal Opportunity Policy Public Notice – Change 1

PI 15-21 c1 GST Discriminatory Harassment Procedure & Policy
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PI 15-23 c1 GST Reasonable Accommodations Procedure and Policy
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PI 15-24 GST Religious Accommodations Policy & Procedures
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PI 16-01 Contract Revisions

PI 16-02 c2 Transitional Jobs Policy

PI 16-03 Transitional Jobs – RESEA- Work Based Training

PI 17-02 Out of School Youth Incentive Payments

PI 18-01 Michigan Training Connect MiTC Approval Policy

PI 18-02 Youth Definition Other Responsible Adult

PI 18-03  Youth 5% Income Exception Allowance Policy

PI 18-04 Youth Unable to Compute or Solve Problems Policy

PI 18-05 WIOA Follow Up

PI 18-06 WIOA Work Based Training Policy

PI 18-07 Nondiscrimination and Equal Opportunity Requirements Policy

PI 18-08 Discrimination Complaint Processing Procedures Policy
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GST Procurement Policy effective 1-1-19

“EQUAL OPPORTUNITY IS THE LAW” – Equal Opportunity Policy Statement


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