Partnering with our Community’s Veterans

When Rob Evoy first visited Michigan Works! in May of 1991, he remembers being required to sign up through the unemployment office as a VA requirement. He started a career in law enforcement November of that same year and remained gainfully employed until December of 2012 when a traumatic incident took place at work.  An altercation with a very large suspect under the influence of drugs caused an injury that looked like a career ender. While trying to recover from his injury in 2013, Rob was required by the worker’s compensation company to actively seek employment, and register at GST Michigan Works! 

“I was someone who thought they’d never need your services. I remember coming into your office with a what the heck am I doing here feeling,” Rob recalls, “I was very emotional. A very bad day at work had resulted in me being unemployed. The bad guy was doing life in prison, as I was dealing with life recovering from a broken neck.”

On Rob’s visit to GST Michigan Works! he completed some required forms. At that point, the team member assisting him noted his veteran status and immediately made arrangements for a one-on-one session.  “She pointed me away from the crowd as I was taken to the veteran side of things. I was able to tell my story to Rick and Ingrid in a private office. Rick walked me to another area of the building where he helped print all of my veteran information from the web. I was helped to create a wonderful resume for future use.” 

As a continued requirement from worker’s comp, Rob would meet with Rick or Ingrid on a biweekly basis seeking employment. Dealing with the repeated embarrassment of responding to job interviews where he was told he was not eligible for the position with his restrictions. The gloomy knowledge of failing to continue to apply for work would result in the forfeiture of worker’s comp benefits.  He was somewhat caught in limbo as a Veteran who was disabled, but not a disabled veteran.

August 23, 2018, perseverance finally paid off.  Rob Evoy stood before the Lapeer County Commission being sworn in as Deputy Sheriff.

“Ingrid and Rick never gave up on me. Every email I would send was answered, as repeated emails were forwarded in my direction as “possible maybe’s” would come up. Every meeting I had with them was personal and motivational, I never felt rushed to leave.  I continued with physical therapy and recovery.  The emails would continue for literally years. Who does that kind of thing?  Being a police officer is not what I do. It’s who I am. I just thank Ingrid and Rick from the bottom of my heart. Please know that people appreciate what you do. You truly make a difference.  Keep the welcome sign on and the door open for our very deserving Veterans.”     – Deputy Rob Evoy