Service Provider Success!

Enocencia Garza is an Adult participant from the Greater Flint Health Coalition’s Flint Healthcare Employment Opportunities (FHEO) Program, a GST Michigan Works Service Provider. Ms. Garza first learned about tuition assistance from the FHEO Program after meeting with one of the Program’s community partners, Charter Healthcare Training Center. After finding herself unemployed for the first time and responsible for providing for her family, Ms. Garza pursued the FHEO Program to earn a certificate that would propel her into the workforce again. 

During her time in Professional Life Skills and Healthcare Career Exploration Training, Ms. Garza was able to develop her self-confidence and built valuable relationships with her classmates. Ms. Garza shares, “We all became friends and I learned a lot about myself and improved things that I didn’t know I needed to improve”. Ms. Garza took her newly developed interpersonal skills and began Certified Nurse Assistant training at Charter Healthcare Training Center in January of 2018. 

Upon completion of her credentialed training, Ms. Garza passed her State certification exam. She gained employment at Kith Haven and states that “I love everything about my job. I wake up happy knowing that I am going to work”. Ms. Garza credits much of her success as a Certified Nurse Assistant to her journey with the FHEO Program. She shares that, “Everything that I went through with the FHEO Program, Life Skills Training, and Charter, it all helped me. I am more confident in myself.”Congratulations to Enocencia as she pursues her life passion of caring for others and having a career in the medical field!