GST MI Works! Presents IMPACT Award

Zolene Anter, age 17 and a recent homeschooled high school graduate, had just started her first job doing seasonal general labor on a local farm when she came to GST Michigan Works! in August of 2017. She wanted to further her education in a field that would offer the opportunity to help others while providing job security and good wages. With the help of GST Michigan Works! Career Coach, Amanda Osborn, Zolene chose to pursue a certificate in Clinical Medical Assisting.

One of 13 children and adopted from the West African country of Liberia, Zolene did face some barriers to further education and employment. She had very limited work experience, had not attended schooling outside of her home and suffered from sickle cell disease, a disability that caused her unpredictable bouts of widespread pain. Coming from a large family, money was not readily available to pay for post-secondary training. However, Zolene was determined to further her education and begin a career in healthcare.

With her determination, the support of her adoptive family, and funding provided by the WIOA Youth program, Zolene pursued her career goal. In the Fall of 2017, Zolene enrolled in the Clinical Medical Assistant program at the Sanilac Career Center. She excelled in the program and completed successfully in December of 2017. Following training, Zolene received resume assistance from her Career Coach, Amanda, and began her job search. In April of 2018, Zolene was hired as a full time Medical Assistant at the Huron Medical Center making $14 per hour plus benefits.

Not only did she find a full-time position with good pay in the field of her training, but she worked for a doctor from her home country of Liberia. The position was a perfect fit for Zolene. She continues to work in her Medical Assistant position and is loving her job. She will be enrolling in classes for Chemical Engineering this next semester while working full-time. She is grateful to GST Michigan Works! for the help she needed to achieve her career goal.

“My family, this Nation and GST Michigan Works! has changed my whole life in every way,” Zolene says. “With the financial help that GST Michigan Works! provided me, I was given the education and career path to be successful in the medical field. I will be able to financially support myself and continue to save for further education to be able to grow a successful lifelong career.” – Zolene Anter