Career Coach Helps Put Man Back To Work

Genesee County – 22-year old Nathan Badder was released from incarceration and immediately began seeking resources that could help him overcome his barriers in the workforce. GST Michigan Works! Career Services and the Offender Success program teamed up to fortify the bridge that would eventually lead to Mr. Badder’s successful employment. He took advantage of the opportunity to work with a Career Coach to explore the trucking industry. He learned everything from the type of occupations that require the endorsement to the demands of the various positions. 

It was just four months after his release, and he was starting his CDL-A training at Suburban Truck Driver Training School. They excel at providing a direct path from training to employment for returning citizens.  Soon after, he received his certificate of completion and his driver’s license endorsement.

ALTL Inc. hired him on January 07, 2019. He has been driving with them ever since. Nathan has attained over six-months of experience, and a career in truck driving that pays the type of wages that can support him and his family. The timing couldn’t be better.  Nathan also just welcomed a new addition to the family. Congratulations, Nathan, on all of your recent accomplishments!