GPTF Advances Design Department for Grabill Windows & Doors

Lapeer County – In 1987, founder Greg Grabill contracted his first window and door job on a handshake. He was a young craftsman from Michigan, who- while quite talented- had never actually built a window or door. While most would shy away at the thought of diving into uncharted territory, Greg was confident that he could engineer and build the windows and doors to the client’s exact specifications. 30 years later, this hidden gem that is nestled in the small community of Almont, is going strong. The Grabill team has endured an ownership change and the fluctuations of the ever-changing housing market, all while continuing to grow our product line and deliver unparalleled products to some of the most exclusive homes in North America. What was once a small garage operation, has now expanded to a nearly 38,000 square foot manufacturing facility with two buildings in the local industrial park. While much has changed over the years, the core values – the belief in always doing the right thing and crafting the highest quality, custom windows and doors on the market – continue to be our priority.

Tammy Pepper wrote “We are thrilled to have been awarded the Going Pro Grant money for training at Grabill.  This was a wonderful opportunity to advance our design department, which in the past year has seen some new faces.  Although 3 of these design/engineering roles have been filled with senior employees (each with over 10 years at Grabill) these team members didn’t necessarily have the CAD training required to meet the productivity expectations of the role.  The selected CAD and Alphacam courses were instrumental in improving accuracy of the designs and programming, as well as creating the efficiency needed for us to compete in the market”.