GST Program Success Helps Woman In Nursing Career

Sanilac County – Abigail Kaufman had been attending St. Clair County Community College parttime since 2015 working toward her Associate Degree in Registered Nursing. She was employed as a bank teller less than 20 hours a week making $9.09 an hour when she came to GST Michigan Works! in July of 2017. She had been admitted to the very rigorous Nursing Program. With the coursework demanding so much of her time and attention, Abigail knew that she would not be able to work many hours while attending school. This would make it very difficult to pay for the portion of her tuition that was not covered by federal financial aid. She applied for WIOA funding through the Sanilac County GST Michigan Work! Service Center and was approved under the WIOA Adult program.

The funding provided by GST Michigan Works! made it possible for Abigail to continue in the RN program without any delay. She completed her program successfully and graduated in May of 2019. In just over a month, Abigail got her first RN job, a full-time position at Troy Beaumont Hospital paying $28 an hour plus benefits.

At the time of case closure, Abigail reported that she loved her new job, and was very confident that she had chosen the right career.