CNA Program Success!

Caro – Devyn recently moved to Michigan from Louisiana and was having a difficult time gaining employment, but had an interest in CAN. She wanted to work in this field because she enjoyed helping others. Devyn stated that her goal was to work at the Tuscola County Medical Care Community.  Devyn completed the CNA program through Dorsey Emergency Medical Academy in Bay City in July of 2019 and soon after took her Prometric exam to be State Certified.  By August of 2019, Devyn became employed at the Tuscola County Medical Care Community as a CNA, making over $15/hr. with an opportunity for benefits. Although many CNA’s start off as part-time at this facility, Devyn was offered a full-time position.  During the process Devyn always had a smile on her face.  She proves that with determination and a stellar attitude, you can do anything.