Driven To Succeed

The BRN Success Coach worked with an employee over several months.  When this employee began working with the Success Coach, she was homeless and driving a car that could break down on her at any moment.  The repairs on the car cost more than the car was worth.  This was a hard-working employee.  She was pulling extra shifts trying to make it, but it was never enough. She was renting a room by the week that was extremely expensive.  This kept her always behind.  She came to the Success Coach looking for help because she had tried everything she knew to do, and nothing was working. Unbeknown to the employee, her supervisor also came to the Success Coach.  She was very concerned about this employee.  She stated that she knew the employee was going through something, but she didn’t know what.  The supervisor asked the Success Coach to just “check-in” with the employee. According to the supervisor, this was an employee the supervisor did not want to lose. She was hardworking and dependable.   Despite whatever she was going through, she showed up for work on time, every day and went above and beyond to keep things running smoothly.  The employee did not qualify for assistance because her income was either too low or too high or because she did not have children.  Knowing the supervisor’s admiration and concern for the employee, the Success Coach encouraged the employee to share her situation with her supervisor and see if there were any opportunities to earn more money.  It turned out that there was a better paying position available and the supervisor encouraged the employee to interview for the new position. The employee got the new position and the raise in pay.  She continued to work hard, and the employee was able to qualify for the BRN wrap around the program. This program helped with a security deposit, first months rent and $4000 toward a car, including plates and 6 months of insurance.