Getting To Know The Painters and Allied Trades Union

We recently sat down with Shawn O’Neil, Director of Training for the Painters and Allied Trades Union. Shawn explained what the Painters and Allied Trades Union does, how they find work, the typical working conditions of the job, and the occupations that are offered in the union.

The Painters and Allied Trades Union negotiate the contracts for the members as well as pay and the benefits that are received out in the field. They also represent the members in contract infractions, if they are working on a job and they feel like they are being mistreated or a company is not following the rules of a contract than the union would step in and figure it out from there. The union also helps the members find work and gets them trained. 

There are a lot of occupations offered in the union, some you may have never considered. For example, there are glazier glassworkers who install anything with glass including frames, fabrication work, and caulking. Another trade, industrial painters, work on sandblasting highway bridges, as well as commercial painters primarily working in hotels, office buildings, more paint, and drywall work. Naturally, the working conditions will vary from job to job.

Applications are taken year-round. To get into the apprenticeship program, you must get hired by a union contractor. You can find a list of the contractors online and then fill out an application. Once hired by the contractor, an application to the apprenticeship program can begin. The characteristics of a good worker would consist of someone being on time, working steady, and with a good attitude. 

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