Incumbent Worker Training Program Grant Program Success!


Aurora Cad Cam is a small business in Lapeer County with a big desire to not only just survive but to thrive and in these uncertain, unprecedented times that takes extraordinary drive! They just proved they continue to have that drive by completing their ISO 9001:2015 intensive training. GST Michigan Works! was able to help with the cost of $18,600.00 utilizing the Incumbent Worker Training Program Grant! 

After Office Manager Trish and Owner Ron researched and dissected the many training options, six individuals were able to start the training process through the selected training provider Educated Business Resource Corporation. 

Right after the training completion Trish and Ron were asked what they thought of the training and Trish responded, “Brad the trainer was great! He not only showed us the how to do this but the why we do it!” Ron said, “I can already see improvement, the training was very good.” 

Ultimately, the ISO 9001:2015 standard gives Aurora Cad Cam the capability to maintain and attract new business customers, helping to sustain their viability now and into the future! 

Congratulations on your ISO 9001:2015 status Aurora Cad Cam!!!