Reemployment Success with RESEA

After 8 years working for a Union assembly position, Christopher was laid off. Due to losing his job he became eligible for UIA benefits. Shortly after his lay off he received a letter from the UIA asking him to schedule a Reemployment Services and Eligibility Assessment (RESEA) by a given date. If he did not follow through, he possibly would not be eligible for his UIA benefits. Chris attended the RESEA Orientation to just meet the requirement, he did not want to take chances of losing any UIA benefits. During RESEA orientation Christopher eyes were open to possibilities of training and employment options.

With the help of GSTMW, Christopher enrolled in Truck Driving school. He felt his employment opportunities would be increased by obtaining his CDL License. Having his CDL in conjunction with his past employment experience would lead to a full -time job. A few weeks after receiving his CDL Christopher received a call for a possible job. He was recommended by the Truck Driving School (Coast to Coast Truck Driving School) with RE Automated Systems. Christopher is now working again full time making $18.00/hr. His 90 days is coming up shortly and he feels confident of good reviews. Christopher is very thankful for the RESEA program. What started out as a meeting he had to attend turned into a great opportunity. He is grateful for the grant offered through GST Michigan Works! His training resulted in finding a compatible wage in an industry that he enjoys.