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About The Connection

The Connection is a Business Resource Network (BRN) located in east Michigan, comprised on local member companies who aim to increase job retention and job productivity among their employees. Member companies pay an annual membership fee to belong to the network, which allows access to a “share” (or multiple shares) in an onsite Success Coach.

Additionally, member companies collaborate regionally to help businesses thrive, grow and create jobs by bringing a strategic and collaborative approach to solving talent problems and expanding quality employment opportunities. This approach transcends individual program focuses on meeting the complete needs of today’s workforce while delivering measurable results to member companies and communities. Building stronger businesses enriches our communities.

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Defining the Issues

Many of today’s employers struggling with retention issues are suffering the high cost of turnover. Considering the cost of onboarding a new employee: posting the open position, interviewing, training new employees, an overall decrease of department productivity, etc. the cost can easily reach a minimum rate of $3,500 per employee. Member companies are engaging The Connection to work on improving workplace challenges such as:

  • Employees late for/absent from work due to issues not related to work- Requesting a loan from 401K, or you as an Employer
  • Employees in need of help regarding a non-work-related problem
  • Disciplinary issues, even when the employees work is generally good
  • Employees quitting due to wage/hour increase and/or loss of benefits- Losing employees to other employers due to workplace culture

How We Can Help

Once membership is established, the Success Coach is scheduled to immediately begin working with employees who may be facing individual challenges, connecting them with resources and assistance to resolve or improve circumstances. Issues the onsite Success Coach can help navigate include:

  • Work Attendance Issues – Solving issues and overcoming barriers- Conflict Resolution – Family or co-worker conflicts
  • Childcare, Child Custody issues
  • Substance Abuse – Treatment and Support
  • Counseling – Personal, martial, family
  • Workplace Training – Skills and better pay
  • Life Skills – Budgeting, ESL, High School Equivalency
  • Tuition Assistance
  • Financial Stability – Credit counseling, 401K, college and other savings plans- Public Assistance – Applying and navigating
  • Housing – Affordable rentals or home buying
  • Transportation – Public, repairs, car purchases

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For more information, contact:

Cindy Thornthwaite
Retention Services Manager GST Michigan Works!
Ph. (810) 233-5974 Ext. 352

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