Cold Calling: In Person

If you are looking for a job it’s always best to develop a contact at a company through a mutual friend or acquaintance.  If you don’t have a contact you should consider making what is referred to as a “cold call”.  A cold call is a contact you make with someone you don’t know in an attempt to secure a job interview.  There are two different ways you can cold call in your job search; in person and over the phone.

An in-person cold calling involves actual visits to employers that interest you, and for whom you would like to work.  Remember to:

  • Ensure  that your resumes and cover letters are specifically targeted to each employer to plan to contact;
  • Be aware of busy times for the employer and avoid dropping by at those times;
  • Prepare a brief one or two sentence summary of your most marketable qualifications so you’ll be ready with that information when you speak with  employers and staff;
  • Dress to make a good impression;
  • Treat everyone with respect.  The person you meet may not have any hiring authority, but could influence your resume getting to the right person.

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