Cell Phone Job Search Etiquette

Here are some tips on how to handle cell phone etiquette during your job search.

Professional voicemail message: Keep your voicemail messages basic and courteous.  State your name, and say you’ll return the call as soon as possible.  Don’t have a cute or prerecorded message as your voicemail.

Answer only when it’s appropriate: If a potential employer calls and you’re driving, in the middle of a store, or busy with your family, it’s better to let the call go to voicemail and return it when you have a quiet space and time to talk.  Background noise and interrupted conversations will have a greater negative impact on your chances of getting hired than missing the call in the first place.

Be prepared: If you get a call from an employer and you’re in a position to take it, make sure your phone battery has enough charge to last and you’re in a good reception area.  If this is not possible, ask the employer if you can call them back immediately on a landline, if one is available.

Never bring your phone to an interview: During a job interview, it’s crucial to make a great first impression.  This means you shouldn’t use your cell phone at all, from the moment you walk into the building.  Turn your phone off, or leave it in your locked car.

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