After the Interview

After the interview, take a few moments to assess your performance.  This will not only help you to put everything in perspective, it will also serve as a learning situation for future interviews.

A. Evaluating your interviewing skills

  • Did I do enough research for this position?
  • Was I dressed appropriately?
  • Should I have brought additional materials?
  • How well did I maintain eye contact?
  • Did I listen carefully and attentively?
  • Were my questions appropriate and well received?
  • Did I appear enthusiastic?
  • Were there any questions that were difficult to answer?  What were they?

This is also the time to determine if you would like to work for this company, and how you would respond to a job offer.

B. Evaluating the company and the position

  • What skills and qualities is this employer looking for?  Do I possess all of them?  How could I better sell those skills in my next interview?
  • What information about the job or company do I still need in order to determine whether I would accept an offer?
  • What do I like and/or dislike about the job or company?

C. Remain Proactive

  • Send a thank you note within 24 hours to each person you interviewed with.
  • Follow through on any promises you made during the interview (e.g. sending information you said you would provide).
  • Contact them on the agreed-upon date to inquire about their decision making.

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