Tips For Creating A Portfolio

As the job market becomes more competitive, more and more job candidates are beginning to use portfolios to demonstrate what distinguishes them from other candidates.

A portfolio is a selective collection of materials that provide evidence of a job candidate’s potential by demonstrating skills, abilities, experience, personal qualities, knowledge, accomplishments, and creativity.  It allows you to display your best work.  It also can provide a way to tell the story of your career and the challenges you have overcome.  If you are looking into several types of jobs, then you may need more than one portfolio.

Begin with a loose-leaf binder with dividers.  Group your work samples into logical categories.  For example, you could organize by the specific skills used, the type of project, or product line.  How you organize your portfolio is up to you, but be sure to include a table of contents, and be able to explain what each item is, your involvement, and the skills you used.

Besides work samples, there are a number of other items you could include in your portfolio including workshops and conferences attended, references, letter of recommendation, testimonials, letters of thanks, articles about you, credentials, awards and honors, recognition, and anything that can further illustrate your skills and abilities.

During the interview, refer back to the portfolio any time you can.  Look for opportunities to show and tell the employer what you have done.

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