15 Commandments of Keeping Your Job

1. Be on time, whether it is showing up for work, returning from breaks, going to meetings, or turning in assignments.

2. Call in if you know you will be tardy or absent.  Most companies treat absences or tardiness without much notice much more seriously than simple absence or tardiness.

3. Try your best; always finish an assignment, no matter how much you would rather be doing something else.

4. Anticipate problems and needs of management.

5. Show a positive attitude; no one wants to be around someone who is a downer.

6. Avoid backstabbing, office gossip, and spreading rumors.

7. Follow the rules.

8. Look for opportunities to serve customers and help coworkers.

9. Avoid the impulse to criticize your boss or the company.

10. Volunteer for training and new assignments.

11. Avoid the temptation to criticize your company, coworkers or customers on the internet (social networking sites).

12. Be a good team member.

13. Try to avoid saying “that’s not my job”.  Most managers earned their positions by doing work turned down by coworkers who were in the habit of saying that.

14. Show pride in yourself and respect toward others.

15. Distinguish yourself.  Pick out one or more things in your job to do better than anyone else.

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