Accepting a Job Offer? Part 3 – Acceptance Letter

If you indicated in your verbal acceptance that you would follow-up with a written acceptance letter, be sure to do so.

Acceptance Letter:  In your acceptance letter, thank the hiring manager for the offer to work with the company.  Indicate that you are happy to accept the terms of employment and salary/wage stated in the offer.  Confirm the date you will be reporting for work.  If you must undergo pre-employment examinations, say that you will complete them before your start date.  You might also mention and thank him/her for any special conditions attached to your employment, such as a signing bonus or relocation reimbursement.  Close your letter with an expression of your appreciation at joining the organization.  Mail, email or give him/her the letter by the specified time.

After you accept an employment offer, it is recommended that you correspond with every employer who has made you an offer or still considers you a candidate to let them know of your decision.

For more information contact your local GST Michigan Works Service Center at 800-285-WORKS.